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T2 and T3 Pool Lifts

Designed to be affordable, functional and lightweight

Manufactured in Grafton NSW from local and imported components our lifts set the industry standard. With a long life and all of the features that users require our pool lifts are backed by a 12 month commercial warranty (does not cover complete immersion in a pool!)

We offer our clients two models. The base T2 model and the T3 heavy duty model are cosmetically very similar.  The T3 can lift a larger load. The internals of the T3 have some significant upgrades to the motor and gearing. Externally you will notice that the rope is a larger diameter.

We offer our clients a complete customisation program for these lifts. If you have special needs that require additional accessories we are happy to work with you to produce the pool lift that you require. Visit our Accessories page to view our full range.

T2 Pool Lift- heavy duty model

  • Convenient and simple operation
  • Comfortable- dignified
  • Safe and unobtrusive
  • Lightweight and rugged construction
  • Logical in operation
  • Remove from poolside or fixed
  • Minimal interference with the swimming space
  • Our biggest selling unit
  • 160 kg safe working load- SWL

T3 Pool Lift- heavy duty model

  • same base features as the T2 model
  • larger 225 kg safe working load- SWL
  • different gearing is used which gives a slightly slower deployment cycle
  • heavier rope with a higher load rating