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Greenhouse Health and Sport was founded by Ian Roberts in 1991. Prior to this time Ian was involved in agricultural civil engineering then moved on to successful manufacturing in the North-West of NSW. After the sale of this business Ian moved to Grafton and into manufacturing again after a brief hiatus.

Having seen designs of disabled goods that were not well suited to their purpose and observed the difficulties of both tragic and heroic disability sufferers, Ian set about to design disability products that are elegant, logical, simple and robust. The Teal Pool Lift and the current T2/T3 models are products of that ethos.

T2 and T3 pool lifts

2016 saw the introduction of The T2 pool lift. This is the evolution of the prior ‘Teal’ models. Many of the Teal pool lifts have been in service for more than 20+ years. The T2 and T3 will continue and replace the role and ethos of the Teal.